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Invested $150485.79
Withdrawals $80738.76

About the project

Euro Trend financial group has been operating since 2016 as a consulting platform on high-yield funding, as well as as a mediator between free investment capital and profitable assets.

On September 19, 2017, Euro Trend entered the Internet investment market. Since February 2018, Euro Trend has been registered as an official investment platform in the United Kingdom, WC1X 8TY, London, UK. Registration number 11221729.


According to the financial and marketing policy of the company, investment resources in the amount of 10 to 10,000 dollars are attracted from free investors as funding instruments at a rate of 11-17% per month. The calculation and payment of interest depends on the selected investment plan:

1. Debut.Deposits for The debut tariff are accepted in the amount from 1 to 99 dollars.DAILY (except Saturday and Sunday) on Deposit charged rate of 0.5% (2.5% per week).The term of the Deposit is unlimited. After 30 working days, the investor can withdraw his Deposit ahead of time, minus 15% of the fine.

2. Business.Business tariff deposits are accepted from $ 100 to $ 10,000.Once in seven days, the Deposit charged rate of 3%.The term of the Deposit is unlimited. After three months, the investor has the right to withdraw his funds ahead of time, minus 25%.

3. Prestige.This tariff plan accepts deposits from $ 100 to $ 10,000.Once in a fortnight on interest will be 8% rate.The term of the Deposit is unlimited. After six months, the investor has the right to withdraw his funds ahead of time, minus 30%.


1. Any tariff plan provides for the possibility of a surcharge of $ 1 for any total amount and any number of times
2. It is possible to withdraw the Deposit in full on any of the tariff plans (without penalty) after 350 days of Deposit
3. Any tariff plan provides for capitalization from 1 to 100%. Moreover, the amount and timing of capitalization, the party sets out on their own and can change any number of times
4. Any participant of the project has the right to have an unlimited number of deposits at any rate
5. The minimum top – up of 1 (one) dollar.
6. Minimum payment with a balance of 1 (one) dollar.
7. The company Euro Trend works with three payment systems: Adv Cash, Perfect Money, Payeer. Input and withdrawal of funds to (from) the project is possible using ANY of the payment systems, regardless of the one from which the initial Deposit was made. Euro Trend does not charge an additional fee for transfers within the system
8. Payments in the company are made daily, except Sundays. Payments are made manually within 48 hours from the moment of registration of the application in the personal account of the investor.
Sunday is the official day off.
9. The company has a possibility of passive income in the form of referral remuneration for attracted investors in the amount of 7%.

The certificate on the state registration of the company Euro Trend

You can see the certificate in the format .pdf
Euro Trend is a reliable opportunity to generate passive income from investments or participation in the Affiliate program.
Euro Trend is your best partner in the stock, futures or Forex markets!
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