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Company Euro Trend
this is a dramatically new highly profitable online platform that is ready to provide you a unique opportunity passive weekly income up to 4% of invested funds. We are a structured organization, every Department of which focuses on certain types of issues to provide income our clients even with a small investment amount.
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About the company

Euro Trend company guarantees its investors a stated profit, thanks to its own special and safe trade policies. Our staff - true professionals, with a solid trading experience.
The Company specializes in oil futures and profit from the difference of quotations of precious metals and fuel resources on global trading platforms. Also, a special designer's strategy, the company extracts high income from changes in foreign exchange value of major currencies and stocks in the global futures and currency markets.
The structure of the company includes: research Department, strategic development Department, trading Department and financial risks. This allows us to calculate any market situation, and because of this, our investors can count on the guaranteed dividend on their investment and our excellent work.
Attachments with Euro Trend is a secure investment, the profitability of which is several times above conditions on Bank deposits.Our company strictly observes the confidentiality of its customers, using modern technologies of encryption of personal data stored on the server, protected from hackers.
Also in Euro Trend works technical support Department, which provides investors and partners round-the-clock assistance in resolving any arising issues.
Euro Trend is a trust resource of increasing your capital with a team of top experts and specialists in the stock, futures and currency markets.In the next two years, our Company plans to develop into an international dealership.
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Investment plans

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  • Plan - Business
  • Plan - Prestige
Period of investment30 days
Accrual0.5% daily (mon-Fri)
Depositfrom 10$ to 99$
Withdrawalmanual 0.1$ (Deposit at maturity)
Capitalizationto 100%
Affiliate program7% - 3% - 2%
Period of investment3 months
Accrual3% once a week
Deposit100$ to 10 000$
Withdrawalmanual from$ 10 (Deposit at maturity)
Dosrochnoe removingYes (less a 25% penalty)
Affiliate program7% - 3% - 2%
Period of investment6 months
Accrual8% every 2 weeks
Deposit100$ to 10 000$
Withdrawalmanual from$ 10 (Deposit at maturity)
Dosrochnoe removingYes (minus 30% penalty)
Affiliate program7% - 3% - 2%

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We use a payment system: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvancedCash, Bitcoin.


We have done everything to protect your personal data.


We only use licensed software for our project.


We have developed the marketing for the stable operation of our project.


We predostavlet a 3-tier affiliate program 7%-3% -2%


Our friendly support are ready to answer all your questions in the shortest time.


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Опасения по ФРС снижаются, Brent растет
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matvey 02 14, 2018 08:18
очередная выплата с Бизнеса. Трейдер рулит!
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modusvivendi 02 18, 2018 05:20
Очередные реферальные. Те, кто действительно заботится о постоянной прибыли идут сюда охотно. Пока единственный НЕхайп в интернете!
Дата сегодня, 08:17
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